Lasserdata Support requires and supports all modern Java enabled web browser’s which support 256 bit encryption. If you experience blocked pages please follow the instructions below to check your browser settings.


Steps for enabling SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 in Firefox
In older versions of Firefox, click on Tools in the top menu. In newer versions, click on Firefox menu at the upper left portion of the window, and select Options.
Click on the Advanced icon.
on the Encryption tab.
Make sure that the Use SSL 3.0 checkbox and the Use TLS 1.0 checkbox are BOTH checked.
NOTE: Be sure to select SSL 3.0 and not SSL 2.0 or lower.
Click on the Ok button.

Special NOTE*

All versions of “Internet Explorer” are no longer supported for security and functionality reasons.  Please use Microsoft Edge or another modern browser.

Our Integration with Google Earth™ provides a highly functional mapping application for FREE!

Google Earth has a free version for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  We will provide only limited support for Google Earth questions covering the export and use of our data.  Any other Google specific configuration and use questions should be directed to Google or may be found by doing an Internet search.

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