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Lasserdata Subscription Pricing

Annual Subscription:

  • Annual → $490 per year → 2400 credits

Month-To-Month Subscriptions:

  • Standard → $199 per month → 700 credits
  • Lite → $49 per month → 150 credits

Other Subscription (Pay-As-You-Go):

  • Basic → $19 per 15 days → 20 credits

Our subscription plans provide you access to production and well data as reported by regulatory agencies. Credits may be used to access production history, permit data, or other information. In some states production may reported by lease, while in other states this would be by well.

There are no overage fees, if you use all of your credits you can simply add more. Renew your subscription before it expires to “rollover” the unused credit into your renewed subscription.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the subscription expires any unused credit will not rollover!