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Lasserdata Subscription Pricing

Subscription options include “Annual” subscriptions and “Month-To-Month” subscriptions. Accordingly, subscriptions expire either 1 year (“Annual”) or 1 month (“month-To-Month”) from the purchase date and will not automatically renew. Lasserdata does not store your credit card information and therefore does not offer any auto-renew feature.

Annual Subscription:

  • Lasser Standard → $1990 per year → 12,000 reporting IDs.
  • Lasser Lite → $ 490 per year → 2400 reporting IDs.

Month-To-Month Subscription:

  • Lasser Standard → $199 per month → 1,000 reporting IDs.
  • Lasser Lite → $ 49 per month → 200 reporting IDs.

Annual subscriptions represent a 17% SAVINGS compared to paying for 12 consecutive Month-By-Month subscriptions.

Our subscription plans provide you access to production and well data as reported by regulatory agencies. The term “reporting ID” refers to the entity by which production is reported. In some states this may be a lease, while in other states this would be a well. During your subscription you can easily add to your subscription if you need access to more production reporting ID’s. There are no overage fees if you use all of your reporting IDs you can simply add more. If your subscription is about to expire and you still have unused reporting IDs available, renewing the subscription will “rollover” the unused reporting IDs into your renewed subscription.

There are no overage fees, as the subscription can be renewed at any time. Lasserdata will email you 5 days before you subscription expires to ensure you are notified before expiration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the subscription expires, then the unused reporting IDs will not rollover!

Pay as You Go

If you are looking for only a small number of reporting wells or leases, you may choose buy the data for these State IDs at a rate of $2.00 per ID. There is a $10.00 minimum purchase.