Lasserdata is the name of our web based production and well database system. States may report production data by lease, well, or by well+field and Lasser will report the production in the same manner provided by each state agency.

Subscriptions are offered with month to month quota based options, or unlimited use regional subscriptions. Please see the coverage area panel on the left of this page for a list of regions and the data offered in the region.

Search the database using one or more of the following: API number, lease number, lease name, operator name, field name, reservoir name, state/county name, section/township/range, cumulative production values, first/last production dates and more. The resulting search will display a grid of relevant information to allow you to select one or more leases/wells from the search result.

There are a variety of reports and graphs to view, or choose to export the data results – Lasser Data Dump All Data V2 format (with a .PRN extension) – for use in other programs such as PHDWin, Petra, Aries, GeoGraphix, Ogre among others.

Other features include:

  • Lease/Well Production Reports
  • Production Graphs
  • Map Search or view
  • Exports for all Major Economics/Forecasting Software
  • Google Earth Export
  • Well Data Reports and Exports (includes API, LAT, LONG, and More)
  • Well Test Reports where available
  • PDF exports for printable reports
  • Well Completion Data in Texas