Lasserdata is the name of our web based production and well database system. States may report production data by lease, well, or by well+field and Lasser will report the production in the same manner provided by each state agency.

Search the database using one or more of the following: API number, lease number, lease name, operator name, field name, reservoir name, state/county name, section/township/range, cumulative production values, first/last production dates and more. The resulting search will display a grid of relevant information to allow you to select one or more leases/wells from the search result.

There are a variety of reports and graphs to view, or choose to export the data results – Lasser Data Dump All Data V2 format (with a .PRN extension) – for use in other programs such as PHDWin, Petra, Aries, GeoGraphix, Ogre among others.

Other features include:

  • Lease/Well Production Reports
  • Production Graphs
  • Map Search or view
  • Exports for all Major Economics/Forecasting Software
  • Google Earth Export
  • Well Data Reports and Exports (includes API, LAT, LONG, and More)
  • Well Test Reports where available
  • PDF exports for printable reports
  • Well Completion Data in Texas