LPD Atlas is a Windows based program and database system requiring Windows 7 64-bit or newer.

The powerful LPD Atlas interface provides the ability to search for specific leases or wells, view various maps,  display, print and export production data, browse well-specific information such as API, operator, location data, well test data, disposition reports (where available) and much much more.

Fully licensed versions of LPD do not contain any type of search quota limit therefore it allows users to search and load large areas of data, summarize production data, compare production from multiple leases, and search for wells within a radius of a selected well. This is especially useful for data mining (looking for leases/wells that match a particular profile) and creating production summaries by operator or field. The database updates can be downloaded or optionally mailed on CD/DVD.

In addition to the MANY canned reports and graphs, the data can be exported to third party applications for economics, Google Earth, Excel, and so on. Many report and graphs can be modified by the user to fit a specific need, then the configurations saved to be used again.

Some Key LPD Features

  • Locally installed Database(s)
  • No quota limits
  • Subscriptions are by region
  • Subscriptions offered annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly
  • Exports for PHDWin, Aries, ProdEval, Ogre, and industry standard applications
  • Summarize data to create summary production reports and graphs
  • Highly configurable reports, graphs, exports
  • Search by a radius of an input lat/lng coordinate
  • Export to Google Earth or Excel with a single mouse click
  • 32-bit version (without integrated maps) available for 32 bit Windows computers