Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the differences between and LPD?
A: is our online database which can deliver production and well data using the Internet.  LPD stores the information in a local database that is provided either via CD/DVD or downloaded, and is used “offline”. Lasserdata subscriptions are on a regional subscription basis or by a month-to-month subscription while LPD requires at least an annual subscription but allows for unlimited searching and exporting of data. Lasserdata and LPD use the same data source but the available reports and exports vary for each product.  We offer free trial of both products so that you can determine which product is best for your needs. Many clients use a combination of both products.

Q: What types of exports does support?
A: Excel and Tab Delimited exports are available when purchasing any type of data.  Google Earth™ exports are available with any data purchased that includes latitudes and longitudes.  LPD Data dump (All Data) V2, PHD Win, Aries, GeoGraphixs, SMT, MICA, TCW, and PEEP exports are only available when you have purchased full data.

Q: How can I access previous purchases that I have made?
A: All searches are saved in either the “Saved Search Library”. You can access data in your “Saved Search Library” as long as you have a current State Area Subscription to the state related to your search.  You can access the items in your “Pay as You Go Library” as often as you wish.  Most data sets are updated monthly.  You will be notified when there is new data available.  You will have the option to purchase the new data at that time.

Q: Does have the ability to forecast production or apply economics?
A: LPD has a basic economics report and will soon have a similar report. We also do have exports that work with most major Economics/Forecasting software programs like PHD Win, Aries, and others.

Q: Is Mapping made available?
A: Yes. Currently you can export data as a KML formatted file which is compatible with Google Earth™.  Other exports are available for SMT, GeoGraphixs, and ASCII and Excel exports for other applications that can import standard data formats.  We do not export ESRI Shape files at this time.  In the very near future we will have integration with Google Maps.

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