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Since 1988 Lasser, Inc. has provided high quality energy data for the oil and gas industry.   We provide our customers two options for accessing Lease and Well production data. Users can subscribe to our well organized Oil & Gas production data with either the LPD for Windows CD/DVD database service, or with the Lasserdata Online services.  
Many energy engineers, scientists, exploration teams and investors use our Oil and Gas production data for detailed reporting and analysis. Energy production data can be searched, organized and exported.
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If you use large numbers of leases/wells, or prefer more extensive reporting and exporting, then you may prefer our Oil & Gas data on DVD! Please visit our LPD for Windows website for more information.

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  • Comprehensive United States coverage, spanning 1/2 century in some states
  • Texas Oil Production Data from 1955, Gas Production Data from 1960
  • Oklahoma Oil & Gas Production Data from 1979, New Mexico production since 1970
  • We provide you with all reporting states Oil & gas production that is available
  • Including Federal Offshore production, Colorado, California, Alaska and other producing states
  • Coming soon, production for Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida
  • Also available is Texas Historical Oil and Gas lease Documents (scanned images)
  • Enhanced Searching technology for wells and leases
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Advanced Geographic Searching
  • Geographic Areas of Interest (AOIs) with Email Notification

Production data Exports available include: Google Earth, Google Maps, Excel, PDF and many of the most popular petroleum industry software packages including TCW, PHDWin, Aries, Petra, GeoGraphix.

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Free Services Include

  • Production Statistics - Top Operators by County
  • Production Statistics - Top Producing Counties by State
  • Production Statistics - Top 10 Operators by State
  • Operator Details and Contact Information.
  • LPD For Windows Support and Program Updates
  • Google Map Searches

Pay Services Include

  • Available State Area Databases: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Rocky Mountain States, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Offshore, California, Alaska, and most Northeastern States.
  • National Well Permits
  • Unlike other Online Services, has No Truncation Limit on Search Results - If your search contains 30,000 records, you can view and download 30,000 records.
  • Lease/Well Production Reports Online and Exports for all Major Economics/Forecasting Software

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