Since 1988 Lasser, Inc. has provided high quality energy data for the oil and gas industry. We provide our customers two options for accessing Lease and Well production data. Users can subscribe to our well organized Oil & Gas production data with either the LPD for Windows CD/DVD database service, or with the Lasserdata Online services.

Many energy engineers, scientists, exploration teams and investors use our Oil and Gas production data for detailed reporting and analysis. Energy production data can be searched, organized and exported.

We invite you to try a Free Trial of Lasserdata Online or on CD/DVD rom.

All New Lasserdata desktop Report Generator ! Generate Reports and/or Graphs for Multiple lease or wells. Print reports directly from your PC. Sophisticated Lease / Well reports on your desktop.

Comprehensive United States coverage, spanning 1/2 century in some states

  • Texas Oil Production Data from 1955, Gas Production Data from 1960
  • Oklahoma Oil & Gas Production Data from 1979, New Mexico production since 1970
  • We provide you with all reporting states Oil & gas production that is available
  • Including Federal Offshore production, Colorado, California, Alaska and other producing states
  • Coming soon, production for Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida